How to exit the Wear OS tutorial on any version

Setting up another wearable can be unwieldy and tedious. At the point when you at last get to unpacking your new smartwatch, that last thing you need to do is power through an instructional exercise. We separate how to exit or avoid the getting everything rolling aide on any Wear OS form, so you can get lashed in sooner.


This most likely isn’t your first rodeo, so don’t sit around idly with a walkthrough. Avoid the standard instructional exercise on any Wear OS by tapping Later or, on account of the Galaxy Watch 4, tapping exorbitantly. 

How to exit the Wear OS tutorial on Wear OS 3 devices

There is just one Wear OS 3 gadget available, the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4. It’s a strong smartwatch, that once you get your hands on, you’ll be anxious to begin utilizing. Get moving sooner by tapping out of the gadget’s instructional exercise, in a real sense.
Set up your wearable as expected until you arrive at the screen that says, “Take a visit through your watch.”Tap Start to start the visit.Rapidly, unreasonably tap the focal point of the watch’s presentation until it leaves the instructionals.In the event that you promptly adjust your perspective on brushing off the walkthrough, swipe to and tap on your new aware of access getting everything rolling tips. You can likewise peruse our total manual for find out about utilizing your gadget.

How to skip the Wear OS tutorial on Wear OS 2 devices

Avoiding the Wear OS instructional exercise on the Fossil Gen 6, Skagen Falster Gen 6, and other new Wear OS 2 gadgets is direct. Basically follow the onscreen prompts.
Set up your wearable as expected until you arrive at the Wear OS instructional exercise screen. Here you will find two choices, Learn more and Later.Tap Later to defer (and possible endlessly skip) the Wear OS instructional exercise.On these gadgets, skirting the welcome bundle will trigger a warning (as displayed on the TicWatch Pro 3 Ultra above) which you can then tap to open or clear.

How to skip on older Wear OS 2 devices

On more established gadgets like the Fossil Gen 5 or Oppo Watch, the choice to leave the Wear OS instructional exercise is a touch more slippery.
Set up your wearable as expected until you arrive at the Welcome to Wear OS instructional exercise screen.Forthright, you will just see the button named Learn more. Notwithstanding, assuming that you press and hold this button, a subsequent button seems named Later.Tap Later to avoid the Wear OS instructional exercise.Assuming that you wind up tingling to make a halfhearted effort down the line, you can send off the instructional exercise from the Settings menu on your gadget. Furthermore, in the event that you start and, leave the walkthrough, you can restart where you left off by swiping up to your notices and tapping the pertinent one.

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